glowing knowledge

Accumulating knowledge is more important than accumulating money

A person's knowledge can be transformed into self-cultivation, and self-cultivation is the inner essence of a person and the perfect embodiment of the spirit. It is difficult to discuss with a fixed model, and it is not something that can be completely described. It often affects people's minds in the way of "moistening things and silently", and it relies more on our experience and understanding. However, profound knowledge and profound cultivation are one of the necessary conditions for a person to achieve great things. If a person does not have enough knowledge reserves, it is difficult to make breakthrough progress in work and career, and it is difficult to develop to a higher status.

Knowledge is the foundation of social interaction. It not only refers to the theoretical knowledge acquired through formal school education, but also includes the cultural edification received from childhood. People with profound knowledge do not necessarily have to be educated in adulthood. The cultural education and cultural edification they have received as teenagers have already enriched their hearts and made them radiate wisdom in social interactions.